Every second company uses or plans to implement a cloud


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The study commissioned by Oktawave and 7bulls shows that every second company in Poland uses or plans to use a cloud solution in its organization. For this purpose, large companies focus on improving the skills of their employees, while medium-sized companies often use solutions from external suppliers.

Importance of external companies

The report entitled “Competences of Cloud Companies in Poland 2020” indicates that more than half of the companies want to improve their cloud competences, of which 66% of large and 68% of medium-sized companies expect support from external organizations. Most of them plan to use the help of cloud operators (38%) and consulting companies (29%) for this purpose. The main way to improve the competence of their employees for 55% of large and 50% of medium-sized companies is to organize training and certification programs. Other popular ways to improve cloud competences are learning through webinars, podcasts and e-learning platforms (51%) and participation in industry conferences (47%).

However, the approach to hiring teams responsible for security of cloud solutions in organizations is different. In the case of large companies, 53% of them focus on developing the internal competencies of employees and hiring security specialists. In turn, nearly two thirds of medium-sized companies prefer to use suppliers or external experts.

Employees are the main threat

What may be of greatest concern, but at the same can be time the main factor for companies’ involvement in raising employees’ competences is the fact that as much as 95% of security incidents in cloud systems are reported by employees of a given organization. The IDG survey also shows that currently every second (51%) company in Poland uses or plans to use cloud solutions. Every fifth of them bet on the hybrid model and every tenth on multicloud.

The survey was conducted by IDG Polska on behalf of Oktawave and 7bulls in February and March 2020 on a group of 252 people in management positions in medium and large IT companies in Poland.

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