Every fourth subscriber in Poland would change their ISP


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According to Nexera’s report, the percentage of Poles who are not satisfied with the quality of their Internet connections is growing. COVID-19 only highlighted the problem and exerted pressure on ISP.

Most connections below 20 Mb/s

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the way we think about high-speed internet access. The introduction of further restrictions has forced Poles to perform many activities online, and access to high speed internet is a guarantee of reliability, especially when working online. In 2019. 20% of adults in the country did not even know the notion of “remote work”, and 71% said that they had never had to deal with such work. As a result of the pandemic, 88% of the population declared that the experience of remote working is over.

Research carried out by Nexera, the largest wholesale fibre-optic access network operator in Poland, shows that last year the inhabitants of the regions used the Internet connection with the lowest throughput – up to 20 Mb/s. This should be alarming for Internet providers, all the more so as one in four respondents is dissatisfied with their connection and if they had the opportunity to change their provider willingly. Moreover, the percentage of such declarations increased by 7 percentage points compared to last year’s edition of the survey.

Apart from the remote work itself, other Polish activities have also moved to the network. According to Nexera’s report, the biggest increase concerns official matters, which are already handled online by 70% of respondents. In last year’s survey, 41% of respondents provided such a response. Poles have also switched to online shopping. In 2020 the percentage of e-consumers was already 93% (in 2019 it was 72%). In its survey, Nexera also asked about the use of mobile banking, including the possibility of paying bills online. They are used by 95% and 94% of respondents respectively.

Speed more important than price

15% of all entrepreneurs surveyed by Nexer are dissatisfied with their current internet connection. A quarter of the businesses surveyed, if they had the opportunity to change their provider, and 39% believe that increasing Internet speeds will have a positive impact on improving profitability and business development.

The price is no longer the most important criterion for choosing an internet provider. Almost half (44%) of the surveyed companies admitted that access to fast Internet is more important to them than its cost (35%). Moreover, as much as 29% of companies with more than 250 employees want to switch to a faster connection.


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