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The European Commission has prepared a report “Digital Economy and Digital Society Index”, which tracks the overall performance in terms of digital competences of all EU countries.

Poland ranks 23rd out of 28 EU countries…

In terms of the Digital Economy and Digital Society Index 2020, Poland ranks 23rd out of 28 EU Member States. We stand out the most in terms of digital technology integration and use of Internet services. In our country, 15% of the population still does not use the Internet, and almost half (44%) still do not have basic digital skills.

Despite the growing number of IT specialists on our market, their number is still below the EU average. In Poland, IT experts constitute 3% of all employees. In the European Union this average is 3.9%. According to estimates, there is a shortage of almost 600 thousand such employees in Europe, of which about 50 thousand in Poland alone.

When it comes to the use of digital technologies, companies in Poland also don’t look good. In our country, only 11% of organizations are characterized by a high degree of digitalization (EU 26%). On the other hand, as much as 60% of companies in Poland have a low level of computerisation (EU 39%).

…but we are a leader in mobile internet

In the telecommunications ranking, Poland is 15th, but this is the only category where the result exceeds the EU average. In terms of use of fixed broadband networks with speeds of 100 Mbps or more, 4G coverage and use of mobile broadband services, Poland’s performance is higher than the EU average. In terms of mobile broadband usage, Poland is the leader among all Member States.

The level of digitisation of all EU Member States has improved over the past year. Finland, Sweden and Denmark are still top of the list. Romania, Greece and Bulgaria are last on the list. Ireland and the Netherlands have made the most significant progress.

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