Enterprises with nearly PLN 400 million debts to telecoms

Telecommunication market

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Although the banking sector is struggling with the largest number of unpaid liabilities, other industries such as trade, industry, and telecommunication are also waiting for money to be recovered from debtors. The amount of debt owed by Polish businesses has already reached PLN 11.5bn, while clients of telecommunications companies owe PLN 387m.

The average debt is already PLN 24 thousand.

According to the National Debt Register Economic Information Bureau, the debtors are most often larger companies rather than small one-man businesses. The debt of Polish business recorded in the National Debt Register at the end of July 2021 amounted to PLN 11.5bn, and as much as 63% of this amount concerned the financial sector. Customers of banks, debt collection, leasing, factoring, and insurance companies failed to pay PLN 7.3bn, while over 178,000 customers of other industries still have not paid invoices worth PLN 4.2bn. The average indebtedness of enterprises, not including debtors of the financial sector, amounts to around 24,000 PLN.

Although the biggest debts concern clients from the financial sector, other industries, such as trade and industry, also face the problem of unpaid receivables. Trade has to collect a total of PLN 1.1bn from unreliable contractors, and the debt of industrial companies’ clients amounts to PLN 0.5bn. Telecommunication companies await the payment of PLN 387m, while construction companies and those renting machines and vehicles expect to receive PLN  341m and PLN 305m respectively. The debt of clients of energy and transport companies amounts to approximately PLN 200m each.

Where is the biggest debt problem?

The largest number of companies that are in arrears to their contractors is located in the Mazowieckie voivodeship, and the due liabilities amount to over PLN 1bn. Another voivodeship where companies struggle to settle B2B payments is Silesia, where receivables amount to around PLN 534m. Third place is held by Wielkopolska voivodeship, where companies are indebted to PLN 417m. The Mazowieckie voivodeship also has the highest number of companies waiting to recover their money, with unpaid liabilities reaching over PLN 1.6bn. In the Silesian voivodship, local companies are counting on a payment of about PLN 495m, and in Wielkopolska entrepreneurs are waiting for money in the amount of PLN 306m.

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