Energy-saving investments by Orange


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Orange Polska has launched the most energy efficient base station in Poland. The SEE (Site Energy Efficiency) index of the facility is above 94%. It is yet another green investment of the operator this year.

Energy-efficient devices

The base station is located in the new Warsaw Data Hub data center owned by Orange. It is one of the most modern facilities of this type in Poland, with a strong emphasis on ecology. We wrote earlier that a solar farm with a capacity of 0.5 MW was built on the site. This corresponds to the total power requirement for half of one of the server chambers, which allows for a reduction of CO2 emissions of 5,000. tons per year.

The next stage is to launch the most energy-efficient base station. According to the information published by the operator, the SEE (Site Energy Efficiency) indicator exceeds 94%. This means that the vast majority of electricity is used by the equipment that provides services to customers, and only 6% is used to ensure proper conditions for the facility.

“Energy-efficient radio equipment, a high-efficiency power supply system and minimal heat generation in the room all contributed to this. Interestingly, the heat-emitting equipment was located outside and we also installed a solar reflective coating on the roof. This allowed us to replace the air conditioning with a ventilation system.” – We can read in Orange press release.

Another 10% of green energy

Earlier, in March 2021. Orange also launched its first base station (off-grid), providing 4G/LTE coverage that is 70% powered by renewable energy. The operator’s first tests show that it is possible to increase the share of green energy by another 10% in the future. However, as Orange emphasizes, the project is still in the pilot phase, but it does not rule out putting up more stations of this type in the future.

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