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Dell Technologies has published the results of a global study on measuring the progress of the digital transformation worldwide, including for Poland. Compared to 2018, Polish organizations are increasingly focusing on digitalization.

For 81% of Polish companies digitisation is a priority

This year’s “Digital Transformation Index” survey shows that in 81% of Polish organizations digital transformation is a priority when setting goals. In the list of business leaders from 18 countries, Poland ranks above the European average (75%). The number of organizations referred to as Digital Adopters, compared to the 2018 survey, has increased by almost one fifth and is now 43% (Europe 39%). The number of the most technically advanced companies has also increased. This year, 9% of organizations in Poland received the Digital Leaders title, compared to 5% in 2018. (Europe 6%).

On the other hand, the number of organizations called Digital Laggards and Digital Followers has decreased. In the case of the first designation, the number of the least technologically mature organizations decreased in Poland by 3% (worldwide decrease by 6%) and Digital Followers by 23% (worldwide decrease by 17%). According to the Dell Technologies study, these organizations have moved to more technologically advanced groups called Digital Adopter and Digital Evaluator.

Key investments

Compared to the survey conducted in 2018, Polish organizations have changed their investment priorities in digitalization. Before the outbreak of the pandemic and the change in the functioning of many organizations worldwide, most companies focused more on basic technologies. This year as many as 89% of organizations admitted they needed a more agile, scalable IT infrastructure to prevent unexpected events. The three most important investments in 2020 according to organizations in Europe are: Cyber security solutions (42%), 5G infrastructure (36%), Data Management Tools (35%). Polish investment priorities are slightly different from organizations in Europe. For half of the organizations, the key project this year is the implementation of 5G technology, for 44% investment in finished 5G hardware and for 41% investment in cybersecurity solutions.

14% of organizations in Poland are also worried that they may not survive the next few years. This is twice as low as in the case of organizations in Europe and by 18% on a global scale.

The study was conducted by research company Vanson Bourne on behalf of Dell Technologies in July and August 2020. The survey covered 4,300 business leaders, from SMEs to corporations in 18 countries, including Poland.

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