Development of artificial intelligence in Poland


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Microsoft’s research shows that companies in Poland have noticed business benefits from using artificial intelligence. 80% of companies using AI solutions consider them as an added value for their business.

Good forecasts for AI in Poland

One in three companies in Poland admitted that they do not use any artificial intelligence solution, while 23% confirm a high level of sophistication in its use.

Microsoft’s survey showed that the largest group of respondents (44%) are companies that are just discovering the possibilities of using AI and are in the testing and experimentation phase. The survey also shows that in Polish companies there are two speeds, one of which consists in the adaptation of artificial intelligence solutions, and the other in the development of employees’ skills in this area.

The forecasts presented by Microsoft assume a double-digit growth of the AI market in Poland over the next 5 years caused, among others, by investments of the largest public cloud providers in the domestic market.

Employees are key

Companies in Poland notice the benefits of using artificial intelligence in their solutions, which makes more and more of them want to invest in developing the skills of their employees. Microsoft believes that 63% of AI leaders in Poland actively develop the skills of their employees, while 34% have such plans. Developing employees’ AI skills is also at the top of the list of priorities in the field of employeetraining. The survey also shows that seven out of ten employees feel adequately prepared to work with artificial intelligence.

The survey was conducted on employees and bosses in large companies in 20 different countries. The meeting was attended by 611 representatives of Polish companies.

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