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MedApp and Diagnostics announce a partnership to create the Digital Clinic service. The initiative involves providing patients and physicians with access to tests performed by Diagnostics and secure electronic access to their results.

New standards in medicine…….

Diagnostyka is Poland’s largest network of medical laboratories, which has been operating since 1998. It currently has 170 laboratories throughout Poland, in which it conducts around 100 million tests for over 16 million patients a year. It specializes in professional services from the collection and transport of biological material, through the performance of the test, to the delivery of medical analysis results in the shortest possible time. Now, in order to improve the functioning of its network, the company has established cooperation with MedApp S.A., whose aim is to implement the tools of digital transformation.

The cooperation will mainly consist in providing tools that will enable remote ordering of a number of tests performed by Diagnostyka. As we read in the press release, the available solutions will benefit both doctors and patients who will have access to the test results in electronic form via a computer or mobile application. According to Krzysztof Mędral, the President of MedApp S.A., such initiatives will soon become a new standard of medical services that will be supported by modern technology to a larger extent.

…and available technologies

MedApp, in turn, specializes in providing technological solutions for entities in the medical sector. The company provides unique solutions to support diagnostic imaging and a new generation of telemedicine services. Its first product on the market, CarnaLife System, is a platform that allows doctors to assess and monitor the health of patients with various diseases. It enables remote consultations to be carried out anywhere and at any time.

Its other solution is CarnaLife Holo, a breakthrough 3D image data visualization technology created specifically for medicine. Using special goggles, the doctor sees a 3D hologram in real space that reflects the true structure of the imaged anatomical area.

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