Despite the pandemic, the demand for IT staff is growing


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Antal has published the ninth edition of its Salary Report, which shows the level of salaries for specialist and managerial positions in various industries. A special group, which in the current situation is not threatened by a decrease in employment and wages are, among others, IT employees.

IT market still looking for

Information, scenarios and forecasts concerning the economic crisis that awaits us as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic are coming to light. The current consensus on the labour market assumes that even 2 million people may lose their jobs in Poland. However, the situation in the IT industry looks a little different. The current conditions related to the coronovirus and the transition to remote working speed up the development of new technologies that are to enable and improve remote working. The importance of the online channel and online trading is growing.

No Fluff Jobs’ analysis of the labour market shows that currently most jobs are offered by professionals who produce and maintain online services and tools (32%) and develop software (23%). The number of ads that assume remote working has also increased. Compared to January 2020, there are about 30% more job offers. The largest number of offers with the possibility to work from home is directed to  thresholds with very good knowledge of Java, React, PHP, Python and Angular technologies.

Earnings are rising in the IT industry

According to the Antal report, the average gross remuneration of IT specialists and managers in Poland is PLN 12,614, and the average upward trend from year to year remained at 6%. Antal’s forecasts assume that in the current situation the growth of earnings in the IT industry will continue, but it will not be as significant as in previous years. According to No Fluff Jobs, the average wage in this sector in March was 13,500 PLN. In the case of employees with the least professional experience, the salary offered in March compared to January 2020 on a B2B contract increased only by 1.5% and amounted to 6 500 PLN. In the case of employees who already have several years of experience, salaries increased by 5.5% to 16 250 PLN gross. The best situation is with experts, because the increase in wages on B2B contracts in the same period was 8% to 13 500 PLN.


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