DDoS attack on T-Mobile network

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T-Mobile Poland has officially confirmed that the impeded access to some telecommunication services last week was caused by a cyber attack, or more precisely, a DDoS attack. However, the operator assures that the systems are not at risk.

T-Mobile network problems due to cyber attack

December 2, 2021. T-Mobile Poland has fallen victim to the largest cyberattack on Polish mobile operators to date. As a result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, the operator’s systems have temporarily failed. The operator emphasizes that the actions taken by its teams have helped stabilize the network, but the company is aware that individual customers may still experience difficulties. At the same time, the incident has been reported to the relevant authorities.

This was the largest attack of its kind on the T-Mobile network, and to our knowledge also the largest direct attack on a mobile network operator in Poland. Thanks to the quick reaction of our security and network surveillance teams, the blockage was prevented and the operation of critical company systems was not compromised in any way. Although the threat was repelled, some customers were unable to use data transmission services, for which we sincerely apologize” – informs T-Mobile.

Mobile network failure

The first signals about problems with availability of some services in the operator’s network indicated a temporary problem caused by an internal system failure. They mainly concerned the proper functioning of the mobile network and mobile internet. Some comments even indicated that the problem had appeared much earlier. Information about the cyber attack was published a few days later.

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