DATA4 invests in data center in Poland


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DATA4 officially announced the construction of the data center campus. The investment will be built on a 4-hectare plot in Jawczyce near Warsaw, and the target campus capacity will be up to 50 MW. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Poland is an important investment point

Ultimately, the DATA4 campus will feature three separate buildings with a total net IT space of 15,000 m2. The investment itself, in turn, is to consist of at least two stages. The first of them, the completion of which is planned for 2023, provides for the construction of a facility with a capacity of 8 MW, 7,200 m2 of gross space and 2,200 m2 of IT net. Only depending on the degree of use of the current infrastructure, DATA4 will make further decisions regarding the expansion of the campus.

According to DATA4, Poland is an important point on the investment map. The location has great potential for digital development and is a strategic junction connecting Western, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. DATA4 has already announced that in the years 2022-2024 it will spend €1.3bn on investments in new markets, of which approx. €250m in Poland. Moreover, the construction of a new campus in Warsaw will allow DATA4 to both focus on the Polish hosting and colocation market, and support the development of clients of cloud service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

48 facilities in Europe

However, Poland is not the only investment area for DATA4. By 2024, the French company plans to have 48 centers, the total capacity of which may be up to 650 MW (currently it is 250 MW). The presented plan provides for the construction of 4-5 new facilities per year.

DATA4 also focuses on green energy. All facilities owned by the company (including those in Poland) are to achieve carbon neutrality status by 2030. The energy obtained to power data centers is to come from renewable sources.

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