Cyfrowy Polsat increases its capabilities in the distribution of TV content thanks to IPTV service

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The Cyfrowy Polsat Group has announced the introduction of IPTV to its Internet TV offer. Currently, the service is available to broadband Internet subscribers of Netia, Plus and Orange Polska with a minimum download speed of 8 Mbit/s (per one video stream). The inclusion of Netia’s and Polkomtel’s new customers’ services in the database results from the presence of these companies within the group’s structure. In the case of Orange customers, this is most likely related to Cyfrowy Polsat’s regulated access to the incumbent’s infrastructure (but on different terms than in the case of T-Mobile). It is not yet clear whether Cyfrowy Polsat’s IPTV packages will be available also through other Internet providers.

The new IPTV service is in line with the strategy of the Cyfrowy Polsat Group to distribute TV content on all possible technological platforms. Apart from the Internet model, the operator provides TV services primarily in satellite access, but also on mobile devices and in VOD and OTT format. Moreover, for Cyfrowy Polsat, cable TV using IPTV technology is a way to develop its TV services in the area of large cities, where the operator strengthened its position thanks to the acquisition of Netia. The basic satellite TV service, which works well in rural areas and small towns, does not always work in more urban areas – the key limitation is the lower possibility of installing satellite dishes. However, IPTV services in large urban centres are facilitated by the fact that buildings are equipped with cable infrastructure more frequently than in small and medium-sized cities. The service is dedicated to the Evobox IP decoder (produced by the CPS Group’s InterPhone Service factory in Mielec).

The device provides access to over 150 channels on the TV set. Evobox IP can be connected to the Internet both via a network cable and wirelessly – it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. IPTV offer of Cyfrowy Polsat includes four universal subscription variants with a price range of PLN 20-100 per month, with the first three months of using the service free of charge. The cheapest subscription includes 70 TV channels with different topics, the most expensive one – 142. In addition, Cyfrowy Polsat distinguishes three sports packages, in which, among other programmes, includes a larger pool of channels with a subject matter of sport. Package prices are PLN 60, 80 or 120 per month with access to 7, 16 and 15 sport channels respectively. The IPTV service, similarly to satellite TV, is covered by the discount programme smartDOM. According to PMR’s data, the Cyfrowy Polsat Group with its TV subscriber base (excluding Netia’s direct customers) accounts for one third of the total volume of the pay-TV market in Poland. This share has been practically stable over the last six years. This indicates that the services of other TV providers, including cable operators, are highly competitive.

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