Cyfrowy Polsat Group with 1.5 billion gigabytes of transferred data

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Cyfrowy Polsat Group has published on its official website the statistics of internet data consumption in 2020 by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat customers. This is the second consecutive year in which more than one billion gigabytes of data were transmitted. As the operator itself admits, the development of 5G technology had a huge impact on the increase in traffic.

36% increase over 2019.

Cyfrowy Polsat Group boasted a rather interesting piece of information which shows that customers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat sent a total of 1518 petabytes of data in 2020. Comparing these statistics with the previous year, network traffic increased by more than a third (36%). As the operator itself admits, this is the best result in the history of the group, which was influenced among others by the development of the 5G technology.

Internet traffic by month in the Cyfrowy Polsat Group (PB), 2019-2020

Miesiąc 2020 2019 Y/Y growth
January 113 90 26%
February 107 83 29%
March 130 90 44%
April 129 89 45%
May 128 89 44%
June 120 89 35%
July 123 95 29%
August 126 98 29%
September 116 90 29%
October 134 97 38%
November 143 98 46%
December 149 108 38%

Source: Cyfrowy Polsat Group, 2021

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Compared to 2019, the increase in data usage began at the very beginning of 2020. However, it was from March to June that the number of data transferred increased by more than 45% for the first time, which is closely related to the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the holiday season, the growth rate remained relatively high at around 30%. Traffic was at its busiest in the last quarter of last year, with November being the month with the fastest year-over-year growth (up 46% year-over-year).

Year of investment

Considering the past year, Plus is the first telecom operator in Poland to launch a 5G network on 2.6 GHz TDD frequencies in early May 2020. The past year for Plus was also closely linked to investments in further modernization of telecommunications infrastructure. Currently, Plus’ 5G network is the fastest network in Poland with a maximum technological speed of up to 600 Mb/s. Thanks to the launch of subsequent transmitters, it can already be used in all 16 voivodeships, and over 7 million people in Poland are within its range. According to the operator’s plans, by 2021 the Plus 5G network will cover a total of over 11 million people.

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