Cybersecurity of companies in Poland during the pandemic


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According to a KPMG report, by the end of 2020, as many as two-thirds of companies in Poland had experienced at least one IT security threat. The result is 10% higher than in the same period last year. The main threats include data leakage due to malware attacks and DDoS attacks.

Cyber threats are on the rise

2020 is another year in a row in which companies in Poland experience an increasing number of cyber threats. According to the report ,,Cybersecurity Barometer. COVID-19 is accelerating the digitization of companies” in the previous year, as many as 10% more companies experienced at least one security incident than in 2019. Moreover, as many as one fifth (19%) of entrepreneurs saw an increase in the number of cyberattacks, while only 4 % of respondents noted their decrease.

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As in the previous version of the KPMG survey, companies continue to see the greatest threat from cybercriminals. This year, 85% of respondents confirmed this. Within this group, they most often cited individual hackers and organized cybercrime groups, which more than half of the surveyed companies point to. In contrast, attitudes are changing towards internal employees who, due to their dissatisfaction or the actions of competitors, could contribute to the loss of important data.

Major threats in 2020.

Threats can come from many sources. Among the main ones, one in three (32%) companies in Poland see them in data leaks caused by malware (scores of 5 and 4). In second place are DDoS attacks with a score of 28%. Interestingly, this threat is simultaneously mentioned by 26% (rating 0) of companies as not posing any threat to the organization. In third place was data leakage caused by theft or loss of company equipment (27%).

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