Creepy Jar debuts on the WSE


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Independent game producer Creepy Jar debuted on the WSE on April 8 this year. The value of the studio’s capitalization was estimated at approximately PLN 670m, and its revenues from last year amount to PLN 18.6m net. The manufacturer plans to create new additions and further development of its flagship product called Green Hell.

Creepy Jar

Creepy Jar is an independent game producer operating since 2017. The studio’s productions are primarily premium indie survival simulation games, which are dedicated to PCs, as well as PS4 and XboxOne consoles. The main team consists of 14 people, and their competences are supplemented by a team of external specialists who deal with the plot, music and outsourcing of selected graphic elements.

First listing

The date of the first listing of Creepy Jar on the main trading floor of the WSE was set for April 8 this year. The value of the studio’s capitalization was estimated at approximately PLN 670 million, which is the highest valuation in the gaming sector and second only to Columbus Energy on the NewConnect market. When it comes to revenues from last year, the company boasted a net amount of PLN 18.6 million.

The debut on the WSE will prove that Creepy Jar is one of the most important Polish companies in the gamedev sector. However, the purpose of the transition is to maintain the pace of the company’s development.

Creepy Jar plans

Currently, the studio is still developing its flagship product, Green Hell. The game receives free extras, is updated, and last year it hit the Nintendo Switch. In June this year. The premiere of Green Hell is planned in a version dedicated to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Then, the work will focus on versions for newer consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. There will also be other parts of the Spirits of Amazonia expansion, which contributed to the continued interest in Green Hell despite the fact that 2 years have passed since its premiere.

When it comes to complete novelties, the Chimera simulation game is in the development process, the theme of which will be to create a base with survival elements.

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