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Droplabs, a Krakow-based start-up, has received another 3 million in funding for the development of its product, which enables online ticket sales for companies in the travel industry. Already today Droplabs-based stores are visited by nearly 2 million buyers per month.

Online sales in the tourism industry

Digital transformation is affecting all industries, including tourism. The days of long queues and tourists buying traditional paper tickets are coming to an end. We want everything to be online today. However, according to data published by Droplabs, about two-thirds of companies in the Polish travel industry do not yet have a system enabling them to sell such tickets. At the same time, for those that do, the online channel still represents only a small percentage of the total sales volume.

The answer to this problem is going to be the solution of a Cracow startup – Droplabs, whose product is to enable companies from the tourism industry to sell services online via their own channels and through business partners (e.g. cooperating hotels or external portals). The product, based on a SaaS model, works well for small businesses as well as large tourist attractions attracting thousands of customers. Already today, stores based on the Droplabs system are visited by nearly 2 million shoppers per month.

More funding for product development

However, Droplabs founders do not want to stop at the current solution for the travel industry. In the nearest future the start-up plans further development of its product, including international expansion. Funds acquired from investors are to help in this process. Xevin Investments and Protos Next funds, as well as Blue Media company, contributed PLN 3.3 million for further development of the product.

“We are impressed with the team and the clear strategy set by Droplabs management. We decided to become involved in capital as Blue Media, because we believe that this solution has a chance to be implemented in many countries around the world”. – says Andrzej Antoń, co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Blue Media S.A.

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