Covid-19’s impact on IT employees


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The Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on the Polish IT industry. According to a study conducted by Devire nearly half of the employees haven;t been get from the granting of increases and promotions, and a large part of the bonus has also been waived.

No raises or promotion

Currently, we are all witnessing a changing situation caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the introduction of restrictions that force us to change many aspects of life. Including the working method. According to Devire’s latest survey “The IT industry in the new reality”, as a result of the restrictions, 84% of respondents from the IT industry have switched to remote working. Although the way of working remotely in the IT industry itself is not new, the biggest surprise concerns financial issues. 42% of respondents were suspended from promotions and increases, and one third of employees were sent on overdue leave.

According to IT staff, one of the biggest challenges during a pandemic is to postpone or close projects. This is the opinion of 24% of respondents. There is also a reduction in the scope of a given project or a reduction in remuneration for its execution.

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Less prone to change

Until recently (before the pandemic), the IT industry was characterized by high rotation, but after the Covid-19 pandemic, the desire for change significantly decreased. IT specialists admit that they are open to new challenges, but over 40% of them are waiting for their current employer to present them with an attractive offer. At the same time, there are fewer people actively looking for a job. This year, only 23% of respondents declare searching for a new job, compared to 34% in 2019. The respondents also indicate that they are not looking for a job and do not want to change the current one – 17% in 2020 against 12% in 2019.

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The “IT industry in a new reality” study was conducted among specialists, managers and leaders. The survey was conducted in the period from June to August 2020 on a sample of 426 respondents and covered the entire territory of Poland.

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