COVID-19: increase in cyber attacks against Polish companies and Internet users


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A report prepared by Check Point on cyber attacks shows that hackers are taking advantage of the current situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing the number of attacks on businesses and Internet users in Poland at that time. Emotet is the most frequently used malware in attacks on companies. 

Over 300 attacks a week

According to Check Point’s report on cyber attacks, in the last six months of this year Polish companies and Internet users were attacked on average 307 times a week. Although the average number of weekly cyber attacks per one organization in Poland is less than the global average, recently the number of such incidents has significantly increased. The highest number of cyber attacks in Poland – ,  46%, comes from the United States, 16% from Ireland, and what is interesting, 13% of all attacks are carried out locally. For comparison, on a global scale 60% of all cyber attacks come from the United States. 

The real scourge among enterprises in Poland is the malware Emotet. It is responsible for 8% of all cyber attacks in the first half of 2020. The second most important is the Trickbot bank trojan, which is responsible for 3% of the attacks. Both software allow cybercriminals to connect the infected device to Botnet, which allows cybercriminals to use it to send out ransomware or DDoS attacks.  

Websites as the main source of cyber attacks

93% of malicious files downloaded by Polish companies come from websites, which is a completely different trend compared to global statistics. As many as 83% of cyber-attacks carried out worldwide rely on sending infected e-mails, while in Poland such attacks constitute only 7% of the total.

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