COVID-19 an opportunity to perpetue the use of pay-TV and VOD services

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The COVID-19 crisis has contributed to increased activity of Poles in terms of using TV and VOD services. The social lockdown has shown that pay-TV and VOD services are important in the everyday life of Poles. Besides, the pandemic is an opportunity to perpetue more active video content viewing behaviour.

COVID-19: greater interest of Poles in video services

The COVID-19 crisis and the related lockdown has contributed to making society more active in the use of media and entertainment services. According to PMR’s own survey, which took place in April 2020, the highest percentage of Poles increased the frequency of watching traditional television. Undoubtedly, this is connected with the desire to keep up to date with the situation in the country and in the world regarding the current pandemic, but also to fill up their free time as part of the social quarantine. Also not without significance were additional channels periodically added to customers by pay-TV providers for free from higher TV packages. The COVID-19 crisis thus highlighted the importance of television in the everyday life of Poles. It showed that it is still a strong medium, which is important in the context of the regularly announced decline of pay-TV on the domestic market.

One third of Poles, due to the pandemic, also started to devote more time to using free VOD services. However, Poles turned more towards reading books (44%) and online press (43%) and listening to the radio (35%). Content in paid VOD services during the lockdown started to be watched by nearly every fourth Pole (23%).

Generational differences

The above results of the survey, broken down into individual generations of Poles, are interesting. With regard to pay-TV and VOD services only, they confirm the current market trends concerning age differences and the use of video services. The study shows that young people value video-on-demand services – both paid and free – more than television. At the same time, older generations of Poles still focus more on the offer of pay-TV.

More information on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the pay TV and VOD market in Poland can be found in PMR report: Pay TV and VOD market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025.

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