Convergence of services – “must have” also in the UPC offer


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UPC Polska introduces mobile solutions to its offer and focuses on full convergence of telecommunications services. In one “package”, the operator provides access to fibre-optic internet, television and mobile services.

UPC with mobile offer

The cable operator UPC Polska has introduced mobile services to its offer – mobile telephony and mobile internet access. In this way, UPC has become another fully convergent telecommunications operator on the Polish market. The portfolio of mobile services offered by UPC is fully flexible, tailored to the needs of all family members and based on five tariff plans – Junior, Smart, Comfort, Super and VIP. In each of the mentioned packages, apart from the Junior package, there are unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, including roaming. The plans differ in the available data package, in the amount of 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 GB respectively. What is more, customers can use the offer without a time commitment and can freely change the tariff plan at any time. The UPC mobile offer is based on the P4 mobile infrastructure.

Mobile offer also for business customers

UPC Polska has prepared a mobile offer also for business customers, consisting of four tariff plans with unlimited calls and messages and a data package to use – Business Start 7 GB, Business Smart 14 GB, Business Pro 21 GB and Business Pro 50 GB. The mobile offer for the B2B segment also offers the possibility of using multiple SIM cards. Each additional SIM card purchased is cheaper by PLN 5 per month. Up to a maximum of nine SIM cards can be activated by a business customer. An additional data package is granted for each subsequent SIM card.

UPC as a fully convergent operator

UPC packages its mobile offer together with fiber-optic internet services and television services. Additionally, for customers with TV or internet services who buy a mobile service, the operator provides 1 premium service: HBO package, Polsat Sport Premium + Eleven Sports package or Security Package for PLN 1 for 2 months.

Convergence: a trend that shapes the market

Convergence of services is one of the most important trends shaping the telecommunications market in Poland. Its main objective, in the conditions of a highly saturated market, is to resell subsequent services in households and loyalize owned  subscriber base. Therefore, more and more entities on the market include in their offer services that provide them with the construction of a full package of services from different groups of basic telecommunications services. Recently, T-Mobile has also offered convergence of services, launching a fixed internet access offer based on Orange and Nexera infrastructure. P4 also has ambitions to be an integrated operator – at the beginning of July this year, P4 and Vectra concluded a cooperation agreement on the provision of broadband network.

More information on the integrated telecommunications market in Poland the PMR report: Integrated telecommunications services market in Poland 2019. Bundle and multi-play offer analysis.

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