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T-Mobile has introduced to its portfolio Magenta 1 – the first comprehensive offer for home customers, including a package of mobile, fixed and entertainment services based on mobile and fibre-optic infrastructure.

T-Mobile’s first comprehensive home offering

On 28 June this year, T-Mobile enriched its offer for home customers, including the long-announced fibre-optic internet access service (based on Orange and Nexera infrastructure). The service is available in a convergent offer positioned under the name of Magenta 1, together with a package of mobile services and access to Netflix, Eleven Sports, Ipla, free digital TV channels, games and entertainment for children. It is the first comprehensive offer of T-Mobile for home, which is part of the company’s long-term strategy, as part of which the operator will offer home customers an increasingly wider range of services.

Three service packages to choose from

In Magenta 1 T-Mobile’s offer, T-Mobile has prepared three service packages – S, M and L –  within which the customer can choose two or three elements that will make up his package: mobile subscription, fibre-optic or mobile home internet and entertainment services. Packages within the Magenta 1 offer may be extended by a decoder, smartphone, larger Netflix package or higher speed of fibre-optic internet. T-Mobile’s convergent offer currently covers less than one third of all households in the country.

Netflix distinguishes T-Mobile’s convergent offering

T-Mobile’s convergent offer is distinguished from other operators by the fact that it includes permanent access to Netflix without any separate charges. Netflix is also available in the Orange and P4 (Play) networks. In the case of Orange, the service can be purchased with a TV licence, whereas in the case of Play, it is enough to have any operator’s subscription plan in order to use the service.

Netflix is a clear leader in the SVOD services market in Poland, also present in the operator channel (offered by telecommunications operators). PMR’s latest report “Pay TV and VOD Market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024” shows that in 2018, Netflix had three times as many paid subscribers as the average number of users of the other major players (Ipla, Player, CDA Premium, HBO GO, Showmax, Amazon Prime Video).

Magenta 1 also available for business

At the same time, T Mobile has also prepared comprehensive packages of services for enterprises – Magenta 1 BIZNES. In addition to the basic package of services – fibre-optic and mobile services – business customers receive a set of services for the company to choose from: Office 365 office software, Remote IT Service (online help), Norton Security Online (protection of smartphones and tablets).

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