Computer fraud is increasing

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The number of computer fraud attempts in Poland increased to more than 9,000 in the first half of 2021, alerts CERT Polska. Criminals for this purpose use fake websites, especially portals such as Facebook, OLX and even mobile banking sites.

11 thousand applications

Online scams are becoming increasingly common. In the first half of 2021, their number exceeded the number of all notifications of this type in the entire year 2020. Moreover, in the analyzed period, already 84% of nearly 11 thousand of all incidents handled by CERT Polska fall into the category of online fraud.

oszustwa komputerowe

Fake websites

In the message, CERT Polska emphasizes that online fraudsters most often use well-known websites to achieve their goals. These include Facebook, OLX, mobile banking sites, sites with the possibility to buy cryptocurrency and energy providers. Received links via SMS or email, redirect the potential victim to the fake site, where the unaware then transfers money to the criminal’s account. In the first half of 2021, the number of fake domains reached 11.9 thousand. Currently, there are more than 22.8 thousand entries.

“Such a high number of identified phishing sites is mainly due to reports sent to us by Of course we are counting on more and we assure that we will analyze every case that threatens the security of Internet users. For this type of attacks the reaction time is extremely important. That is why our specialists continuously catch and handle the most urgent cases”. – says Przemysław Jaroszewski, Head of CERT Polska.

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