Companies in Poland transfer only a small part of their data to the cloud


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Interest in cloud services is growing strongly in all sectors of the economy and all types of companies. However, the Deloitte report shows that only a small number of companies in Poland have decided to transfer most of their data. More than half also say they are developing the public cloud mainly in-house, with little support from an external provider.

Only 2% transfer more than half of their data to the cloud

Cloud computing services are gaining more and more new followers thanks to their advantages, but there are still a large number of companies that transfer only a small amount of data to this environment. Most companies in Poland (74%) most often decide to send only one fifth of their data to the public cloud, and only 2% for more than a half – this is how the Deloitte report “Public Cloud in Poland” shows. Most often migrated to the cloud are office solutions (54%), backup environments for IT systems, data backups and archiving (48%).

In the case of cloud infrastructure, more than half of companies in Poland decide to develop it on their own, with little support from external suppliers. Only a third of companies need more help and only 15% manage the process completely independently.

The cloud saves 5-15%

One of the main reasons a company decides to move to the cloud is because of savings. Among them, 56% believe that the implementation of cloud services will reduce costs by 5-15%, and 89% of them said that they achieved this goal. Only every third company was unable to determine the size of the expected savings from migration to the public cloud.

In the case of the assessment of cloud services by companies in Poland, as many as 77% of companies said that migration to the cloud exceeded their expectations, and another 10% believe that it significantly exceeded them. Companies deciding to use the cloud also indicated satisfaction with the effects of cost optimization (92%), structure scalability (92%), increased security (87%), infrastructure standardization (91%) and increased IT speed (95%).

The study was conducted in 200 Polish companies with the participation of IT directors in the period December 2019-March 2020.

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