Companies in Poland rely on their own server rooms

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According to research conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, commissioned by Vertiv, three-quarters of companies in Poland decide to rely on their own local server rooms. One in five combines both colocation solutions and their own server room, and only 5% decide to complete colocation.

“We do not want to give up our own server room”

Decisions about the location of IT infrastructure are one of the most important organizational decisions for any given company, especially when data is starting to play such a key role in today’s world. Therefore, the decision makers are faced with the question whether to co-locate their environments to external providers or rather invest in their own server rooms, tailored to individual needs.  According to a survey conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, three-quarters of representatives of Polish enterprises decide to use only their own server rooms.

własna serwerownia

Among the main arguments dominates the belief that companies do not want to completely abandon their own servers. This is the opinion of 72% of respondents. In second place was the argument about the profile of the company, which does not allow to move the infrastructure outside (42%). Another 37% of companies are concerned about data security, and 26% about the costs associated with colocation.


On the other hand, companies that have completely opted for colocation cite data security as the biggest advantage of the entire process. As many as 62% of respondents confirmed that they have increased physical data protection in this model. 58% of companies believe that it highlights the importance of having a backup data center, and 27% the desire to reduce costs.

A popular solution, used in almost every fifth company in Poland, is a hybrid model, combining the discussed models.

Necessity to change infrastructure

The ACR Rynek i Opinia survey also covered the challenges faced by companies in the near future. More than half (55%) believe that they see the need to implement changes in the server infrastructure in the near future, of which as much as 79% plan to replace their current devices with newer ones. Another 67% point to tools enabling control of the entire process, as well as the importance of remote access to stored data (78%). Companies mention the purchase of UPS systems (52%) and additional racks (31%) among the main investments.

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