Companies in Poland are interested in cloud solutions

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Cloud computing is becoming more and more important for companies in Poland. This type of solutions is already used by 59% of SMEs, which is an increase of 7% compared to 2020. However, despite consistent growth, according to OVHcloud and Intel, the growth is not at the pace we would expect.

A delight for cloud solutions

Above all, cloud computing solutions are characteristic of companies where digital transformation is high on the list of priorities (65%), and very high (74%). The COVID-19 pandemic was a significant event that drove interest in cloud solutions. According to a survey conducted by OVHcloud and Intel, at that time as many as 41% of companies in Poland showed interest in this type of solutions. In addition, another 71% are planning further implementations with the participation of cloud computing.

On the other hand, however, the pandemic also showed the attitude of companies in Poland to the adoption of digital solutions. With the onset of the first restrictions and the massive shift to remote working, and thus investment in new technologies, as many as 85% of them rated their level of digital transformation as very high. However, this enthusiasm declined steadily in the following months. Consequently, after a year of operating in a pandemic reality, already only 70% of surveyed companies in Poland rated their digital transformation high or very high, and low or very low 29% (compared to 9% at the beginning of the pandemic). However, according to OVHcloud and Intel, this is characteristic of all European markets.

Data located in Poland

 Own server rooms are the main factor inhibiting adoption of cloud solutions. This problem is indicated by as many as 87% of companies in Poland, 4% less than in 2020. However, according to the authors of the survey, the server room functioning inside the organisation does not pose any obstacle to cloud adoption. Many companies are retaining their own microscale infrastructure with basic, core resources, outsourcing more demanding and challenging tasks to cloud providers. The data security concern factor is also losing ground (from 42% in 2020 to 12% in 2021).

The location of data stored in the cloud is also an interesting issue. As many as 88% of companies in Poland want their data to be stored on servers located in Poland, and 18% in the European Union. This is primarily due to the security aspect, which is indicated by 58% of companies. In second place is the attractive price of cloud solutions, which was indicated by as many as 42 percent of respondents.

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