Companies in Poland appreciate the importance of cyber security

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Large and medium-sized companies in Poland approach digital security efforts differently, but already 95% of large and 62% of medium-sized companies identify digital document security as important. The pandemic has only reinforced this trend. However, regardless of the size of a given organization, companies in Poland are still not convinced to store data in the cloud.

Different approaches to security of large and medium-sized companies in Poland

According to a survey conducted by Canon Poland, companies in Poland increasingly appreciate the importance of cyber security. It is visible in case of large enterprises, where already 95% of them admit that digital security of documents in their organization is considered very important or important. A slightly lower percentage, as nearly two-thirds (62%), is found in medium-sized companies in Poland.

The different approaches to digital security of large and mid-sized companies in Poland were demonstrated by the COVID-19 situation. Nearly half (44%) of larger organizations during the pandemic introduced tools that helped better protect their corporate data. On the other hand, every second medium-sized enterprise in Poland stayed with the same solutions as in the pre-pandemic period, also in terms of remote work organization. At the same time, 4% of companies at that time decided to completely reorganize their approach to corporate document security.

Companies in Poland still not convinced of the cloud

Canon Poland survey shows, however, that companies in Poland are still cautious about cloud storage solutions. Nearly every second medium-sized and every third large company does not fully trust this approach. However, again, this solution is more common for larger organizations – 29% of them declare that they have been using this service for a long time.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has slightly changed that approach. One in five large companies in the country has decided to adopt cloud services at this time, and another one in two is considering using them for business print management. For medium-sized companies, it’s one in three.

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