Cloud is the main target of attacks

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of trends associated with the growing use of cloud services in businesses. According to the Sophos report, 70% of companies worldwide have experienced a security breach of their data stored in the public cloud in the last year.

Low attack rate in Poland

Over the last 12 months, almost half (47%) of Polish companies have experienced security breaches related to cloud infrastructure. Poland is ahead of the last place in the ranking, which means a relatively safe cloud environment. This result may be due to the still weak interest in the cloud. According to the latest PMR research, cloud computing is used by 10 to 60% of Polish companies, depending on the size of the company (the leaders are the largest organisations). The country with the highest percentage of companies affected by a cyber attack on cloud infrastructure is India (93%).


Poland is also characterised by a relatively low level of cyber attacks on cloud infrastructure resulting in data leakage. In 2019. 15% of the attacks ended in such a result. Only Italy (15%) and the UK (12%) can boast a comparable scale. India again tops the list with 48%. The podium is completed by Nigeria (46%) and Malaysia (42%).

Incorrect configuration

According to the report, accidental data leaks due to improper configuration of storage services are a common problem. 60% of information is not encrypted, enabling cybercriminals to find and identify new vulnerable targets. In the case of Poland, most attacks are caused by incorrectly configured cloud services (84%). Much fewer attacks are caused by theft of authentication data (16%).

Sophos’ State of Cloud Security 2020 survey was conducted among 3 251 IT managers in 26 countries who use public cloud computing, 53 of whom were from Poland. The survey was conducted in early 2020.

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