Cloud is an additional 4% of GDP in 2030

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According to McKinsey & Company, cloud computing is the next stage of IT development, which in the coming years will be an important growth factor for the whole Polish economy. In 2030 it may even bring an additional 4% to GDP.

Even PLN 121 billion

A lot of us may not realize it yet, but most of today’s activities are based on cloud computing. Movies, series, online shopping, mobile apps, video streaming are just a few solutions based on this technology. According to McKinsey & Company the value of the global cloud computing market in 2021 may exceed EUR 250 billion. The Polish economy will also benefit from this, because according to the presented data, cloud computing may bring up to 4% of additional GDP in 2030.

Among other things, innovation and the creation of modern digital enterprises that will base their operations on cloud solutions will contribute to this result. Traditional enterprises, which will not avoid modernization (e.g. by reducing costs and automating processes), will also play an important role. In addition, new solutions that are yet to be created thanks to the development of cloud computing may turn out to be beneficial.

Key sectors

Retail, FMCG, and transportation and logistics are the main sectors in Poland that will drive the cloud market in the next few years. The share of these industries in generating added value through the cloud could reach 28%. In the case of retail, solutions such as dynamic pricing, smart promotions, and inventory optimization can generate over PLN 12 billion. Another PLN 11 billion can be generated in the FMCG industry thanks to production automation, increased work efficiency or optimization of energy consumption.

However, despite the positive forecasts, the Polish market still lags behind other regions. Even 14 times compared to the most advanced countries in Northern Europe and 1.5 times compared to Central and Eastern Europe. The report also states that in Poland the current cloud computing growth is at the level of 23% per year, but to catch up with other regions, it must be 50-60%.

The adaptation of cloud computing still faces significant threats and barriers that impede the growth of the entire sector. These include lack of awareness, regulatory uncertainty, security concerns, competency deficit, and financial burden.

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