Cloud computing is growing in importance


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Equinix reports that in 2021 already 35% of companies in Poland plan to migrate to the cloud. This is a 27 p.p. increase from the same survey a year earlier. As a result, organizations that are already using the cloud are migrating more than half of their digital infrastructure to it.

Cloud becomes a priority for companies in Poland

The annual “Equinix 2020-21 Global Tech Trends Survey” shows that cloud computing is increasingly becoming the starting point for companies’ investment planning. Already 70% of people responsible for IT infrastructure confirm that it is becoming a key investment to prepare the organization for the future. At the same time 66% admit that cloud is a priority in their organization.

These figures show that more and more people trust cloud computing. Thus, companies are migrating more and more of their own resources to it. Currently, more than half (53%) of the digital infrastructures of companies surveyed in Poland are in the cloud.

Safety concerns

But according to the Equinix survey, when migrating to the cloud, companies are most concerned about the security of their resources. More than half (51%) of respondents in Poland believe that the risk of cyber attacks and data theft as a result of migration will be one of the biggest threats worldwide. Therefore, in addition to prioritizing cloud computing, 85% of respondents also emphasize the importance of the cyber security aspect. This is up from 77% in last year’s survey.

“A major component of digital transformation is migration to the cloud. However, our GTTS research shows that many CIOs are apprehensive about the transition, with decision makers citing greater risk of data theft and system security breaches. – Michael Montoya, director of IT security at Equinix, assesses the situation.

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