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Data processing is becoming key to the operations of more and more companies, but in addition to the benefits of cloud computing, businesses must also be aware of the challenges that this technology brings. This issue is highlighted by Dimensional Research, which, in a survey commissioned by Tripwire, decided to see what IT professionals from Europe and the U.S. currently see as the biggest cloud challenges.

Multi-cloud means additional security challenges

What may come as the biggest surprise is that as many as 98% of IT security professionals surveyed say that operating in a multi-cloud environment creates additional security challenges. In this regard, respondents also have a negative view of cloud solution providers. More than two-thirds (67%) of them stated that the provider’s security level was barely sufficient, and another 21% considered it insufficient.

Respondents also cited the multitude of cloud management tools (66%), different security approaches among vendors (60%), managing cloud access and permissions (55%) and the need to understand and implement different policies among security risks (47%).

However, despite the challenges posed by multi-cloud, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are opting for such a solution. According to the Dimensional Research study, already 73% of the surveyed companies from Europe and the USA operate in a multicloud environment. It is particularly visible in the case of entities employing over 5,000 employees, in which already 9 out of 10 companies operate in such an environment, and every fifth uses four services.

The management skills are lacking

IT professionals also rate poorly the skills of those responsible for managing and securing cloud infrastructure. One in three (30%) say such individuals have a lot of catching up to do and 59% have room for improvement. Only 9% of respondents admitted that the organization they work for is at an expert level in public cloud security.

“In principle, the cloud offers a very high level of security, but ensuring it even in just one cloud requires exceptional attention to detail on the part of the team. Adding another cloud complicates the task because there are more elements that a careless employee can mess up. Especially if they are not familiar with many cloud management environments that differ dramatically from each other” – explains Rafal Ważny, Cloud Architect at Crayon.

The Dimensional Research survey, commissioned by Tripwire, was conducted in June 2021. It involved 314 professionals from over 100 companies in Europe and the US.

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