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The Ministry of Finance published the list of CIT payers in 2020 in the ICT sector in Poland. Samsung has once again become the largest payer among producers, while Play in the previous year paid the most of mobile operators.

Play is the largest mobile payer

In the telecommunications sector, the largest CIT payer in 2020 turned out to be P4, the owner of the Play network. With revenues of PLN 7.5 billion, the operator paid a total of PLN 296.2 million in tax, at the same time becoming the sixth largest CIT payer in the entire ICT sector. Orange, in turn, with the highest revenue among the four largest mobile operators in Poland (PLN 11.8 million), paid only PLN 147 thousand in tax.

The other two operators, Plus and T-mobile contributed PLN 196 million and PLN 10.4 thousand to the budget, respectively, on revenues of PLN 7.4 billion and PLN 9.1 billion. The low tax paid by T-mobile is related to the tax settlements the operator paid in 2016 in connection with the 800/2600 MHz frequency auction.

Also on the published list was Netia, which paid no tax in 2020 with revenues of PLN 1.2 billion. UPC, with revenues of about PLN 2 billion, paid PLN 73.5 million in tax. Vectra, with revenues exceeding PLN 1 billion, paid PLN 2.5 million in CIT.

Also the largest payer among distributors

Looking at the distributors, the largest CIT in 2020 was paid by Also, which contributed PLN 42.6 million to the state budget (with revenue of PLN 6.4 billion). The second payer was AB SA, paying 14.8 million CIT, with revenue of about 5.8 billion PLN. The third company, in turn, is Ingram Micro with PLN 7.3 million in taxes, generating revenue of PLN 1.9 billion.

Taxes of international companies

Once again, Samsung is at the top of the list of payers among manufacturers. In 2020, with revenues of PLN 6.8 billion, CIT amounted to PLN 58.4 million. For comparison, LG, with revenues of around PLN 3 billion, paid PLN 11.6 million in tax.

Huawei Poland in 2020 ended the year with a result of about PLN 3 billion, while paying CIT of PLN 30.5 million. Another company that did not pay a single zloty to the state budget in the previous year was Nokia.

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