Cisco Systems Poland relocates its headquarters to Krakow


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Cisco Systems Poland has officially announced the move of its headquarters from Warsaw to Krakow. The change is related to the location of the manufacturer’s R&D department, in which most of the specialists work in Poland.

Management Board still in Warsaw

Cisco Systems Poland confirmed its earlier announcements and on 5 December 2019 officially moved its headquarters from Warsaw to Cracow. This is a largely formal deyczja.

The company will maintain its sales department in Warsaw. The company’s management board will also stay in the capital for the time being.

The largest Cisco service centre in Krakow

Cisco currently employs 1,900 people in Kraków, while in Warsaw it is about 200. Kraków is home to the largest Cisco service centre in the EMEA region. In the capital of Małopolska, the manufacturer also operates a network operations center (Network Operations Center) and a security operations center (Security Operations Center).

Cisco Systems Poland is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications and network equipment in Poland. In 2018, the company’s revenues increased by 9% and amounted to PLN 728 million.

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