Christmas bonus for T-mobile employees


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As decided by the Management Board of Deutsche Telekom, all employees of the T-Mobile Group will receive additional Christmas bonuses. The bonus will cover more than 200,000 employees in over 50 countries.

Christmas gift for employees

In early December this year. T-mobile announced that each employee of the Deutsche Telekom Group will receive an additional Christmas bonus. Despite the difficult period associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the board would like to thank all its employees for their commitment in this particularly difficult period. According to the official announcement, this is a Christmas gift for more than 200,000 Deutsche Telekom employees in more than 50 countries – including Poland. The additional bonus will amount to 500 euros.

Andreas Maierhofer, president of T ‑ Mobile Polska, also joined the thanks. – ,, I would like to thank Tim and the entire DT board, because thanks to the employees of T-Mobile Polska, during this very difficult time, we managed to introduce numerous facilitations in customer service, support for companies, schools, universities, medics, seniors and the youngest whether to prepare a Happy Friday offer, which customers have already used over 10 million times ”.

Good results for Q3 2020

Despite the crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, T-Mobile Polska Group recorded a fourth quarter of year-on-year revenue growth. The customer base was also growing. At the end of Q3 2020, T-Mobile Polska had 11.07 million users, by 163 thousand. more than in Q3 2019

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