Check Point Research: Top 5 attacking pests in Poland


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Check Point Research has re-examined the most popular methods of infecting enterprise infrastructure by cybercriminals. The most frequently used method in the world was Trickbot, while companies in Poland had to face the threat from Emotet.

Ineffective actions

Looking at the method of cybercriminals, Emotet has become the most common malware targeting companies in Poland for another year in a row. At the end of 2021, almost every tenth company in our country had contact with it. On a global scale, Emotet was responsible for 3.1% of all cyber attacks.

Check Point Research reminds that Emotet, known as the most dangerous malware, was responsible for 19% of attacks in the world in 2020. However, thanks to the actions of Interpol, it was closed for a short time at the beginning of 2021. He returned in April of the same year. According to Check Point Research, as early as mid-November, machines infected with Trickbot began to “drop” Emoteta samples, encouraging users to download password-protected zip files containing malicious documents that would rebuild the Emoteta botnet network. The latter has in the meantime modernized his abilities by adding a few new tricks to his kit.

As a result, in December 2021. Emotet was responsible for 3.1% of all cyber attacks worldwide. In this respect, it was second only to threats from Trickbot (4.3%) and Formbook (3.2%).

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