Changes in management board of Play network

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From April 1, 2021, the composition of the management committee of telecom operator Play will change. The board will include nine new members. Jean-Marc Harion will continue to serve as CEO of P4.

CEO unchanged

In November 2020, one of the four major mobile operators in Poland announced an offer to take over 100% of shares in Play Communications S.A. by the French Iliad Group, which was then endorsed by the European Commission. Now, as a result of the implementation of the joint strategy, the Iliad Group has announced the appointment of a new management board of Play, which will start working on April 1, 2021. The current CEO will not change, however. Jean-Marc Harion will remain the chairman of the board for the next five years.

Composition of the new board

The work of Play’s CEO will be supported by a nine-person management board. Piotr Kuriata (Chief Strategy Officer), Mikkel Noesgaard (Chief Marketing Officer) and Michał Ziółkowski (Chief Technology Office) will remain in their current positions. On the other hand, the new members of the board will be: Michał Gramatnikowski, who will assume the functions of Chief Customer Service Officer, Paweł Passowicz as Chief IT Officer, Rafał Sidorowicz as Chief Sales Officer, Małgorzata Zakrzewska as Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Ewa Zmysłowska as Chief People Officer and Beata Zborowska as Chief Financial Officer.

The positions of IT and Transformation Director and Sales Director will also be changed. Their functions will be held by Wojciech Danieluk and Michał Wawrzynowicz respectively.

“We are facing new challenges on the Polish market, such as the development of 5G technology and broadband network offerings. I am convinced that together we will achieve ambitious goals, developing the best quality digital services for our customers“.  – comments Jean Marc Harion, CEO of Play.

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