CERT Poland: 4 million attempts to enter phishing sites


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2021 is once again an extremely dangerous year when it comes to cybersecurity. Last year alone, CERT Poland blocked nearly 4 million attempts to enter phishing sites, and the list of dangerous sites expanded by another 33,000. pages.

42 thousand unsafe sites

As NASK emphasizes, for nearly 2 years it has been trying to maintain a list of websites that mainly aim to defraud our data. Since then, about 42 thousand addresses have been included on it, 33 thousand of which were added in 2021. This only shows the scale that cybercriminals are trying to extort our data. Moreover, NASK emphasizes that, thanks to the cooperation with telecommunications operators, over the last 12 months it was possible to block nearly 4 million attempts to enter such websites. Translating this into the daily counter, it is as many as 93 blocked domains, 250% more than in the previous year.

Cybercriminals mainly use .com domains for this. They are responsible for 5,617 websites on the list. In comparison, the number of .pl domains is 3,898 and they are only on the third place. Ended xyz are more common, of which there are 5,012. NASK Polska emphasizes that these websites often tempt Internet users with lower prices, promotions or the possibility of anonymous purchase.

Facebook the main target of attacks

However, the target of attacks does not change, in 2021, cybercriminals again most often wanted to phish our Facebook login credentials, and the number of sites impersonating the social network was three times higher than in 2020. The most frequently used theme was the phishing of login details in order to allegedly verify the age necessary to watch a movie from a drastic event.

Websites impersonating the olx classifieds portal were also high on the list (4,938). Here NASK emphasizes that our payment card data becomes the target. In turn, a new trend among cybercriminals is fake investment sites that use images of various companies. The most common Polish brands used are Orlen, PGNiG and Lotos, but criminals are constantly incorporating new companies. Sites such as PayU or Dotpay are losing importance, which in 2020 were in second place in terms of the number of appearances, in 2021 already in the thirteenth place.

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