T-Mobile Polska DC certified Rated-3 ANSI/TIA-942

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T-Mobile Polska has been certified Rated-3 ANSI/TIA-942 for its new data center in Warsaw. The importance of certification on the Polish market is constantly growing.

Rated-3 for design documentation

T-Mobile Polska has officially announced that it has received the Rated-3 certificate in terms of design documentation for the data center, the construction of which is beginning in Warsaw. The ANSI/TIA-942 standard is a globally recognized standard for data center design and construction. It comprehensively covers all key aspects of facility design and construction such as: location planning, safety and fire protection requirements, architecture and electrical power, air-conditioning and telecommunications infrastructure including associated systems and installations.

T-Mobile new investment in Warsaw

Back in 2019 as part of its long-term strategy, T-Mobile Polska decided to make another investment in its infrastructure. On Szlachecka Street in Warsaw, on a plot next to the existing operator’s facility, the second and at the same time the most modern data center in T-Mobile’s offer will be built, with a total area of 4400 m² (including data center and office space). According to PMR Market Experts’ information, the data centre will have approx. 3,500 m², half of which are IT chambers. As we found out, the power allocation for the new facility is 2 x 5MW.

The DC will use advanced physical and technological security systems. Redundancy of telecommunication links; security systems for access to the facility (face, fingerprint or eye pupil readers) or fire resistance of doors and walls are to be the showcase of the new T-Mobile investment. The facility will be equipped with secure power supply systems and high-class cooling systems, energy-efficient infrastructure, which will allow to achieve the projected efficiency of the PUE facility at level 1.3.

T-Mobile has already obtained a building permit for the facility. The process of selecting the contractor is in its final stage, and construction works are planned to start in Q2 2020. T-Mobile wants to complete the acceptance of the facility in Q3 2021.

High traffic on Polish data center market

The Polish data center market has gained momentum. There are new investments – both completed and planned, especially on the Warsaw market, M&A processes, cloud is gaining ground, there is an increase in the importance of certification – both the maintenance of already existing certificates and certificates for new players (we know about the plans of subsequent suppliers in this area). All of this confirms that the data center industry in Poland is developing and is still raising the standard of services provided.

KPIs of existing facilities, forecasts and a map of new investments on the Polish market in the coming years are available in PMR’s latest report “Data centre market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025“.

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