Cellnex reveals number of masts operated in Poland

wieża telekomunikacyjna

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Cellnex published a quarterly report on telecommunications infrastructure in Europe, in which it revealed the number of masts serviced in Poland. The operators’ data show that until September 2021, it served a total of 14,525 masts and towers for two telecommunications operators operating on the Polish market.

Construction of an additional 6,500 masts

Cellnex is a Spanish telecommunications operator, present in 12 countries across Europe. It has recently entered the Polish market through two acquisitions of passive infrastructure of two major mobile operators – Play and Plus. The first transaction already took place in October 2020, in which Cellnex reached an agreement with the Iliad Group (owner of P4) for the acquisition of 7,000 masts. The Spanish company then acquired a 60% controlling stake in the company responsible for Play network infrastructure. The second transaction with Polsat Plus Group, in turn, was finalized in July 2021, in which Cellnex acquired 99.99% of shares in Polkomtel Infrastruktura. At that time the agreement concerned the acquisition of 7,000 masts, 37,000 radio carriers and over 11,000 km of fiber optic network.

The acquisition of the infrastructure of two of the four largest telecommunications operators in Poland is expected to strengthen the investment potential, particularly related to the implementation of 5G technology. To date, the Spanish company has pledged to build 6,500 additional towers, at the same time announcing investments in Poland worth more than PLN 10 billion.

Over 14,500 masts

Now with the publication of its Q3 2021 report, the Spanish operator has announced that it has a total of 14,525 masts in Poland, of which 7,517 are owned by Play and 7,008 by Plus. Cellnex simultaneously revealed that the acquisition status of the transmitters has been assessed at 87% and 17% respectively.

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