CD Projekt announces new strategy and starts cooperation with Canadian studio


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CD Projekt shares rose after an almost steady decline that had lasted since December. The sudden interest was probably due to the company’s new strategy. In addition to planning to implement several changes, the studio announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Digital Scopes, a Canadian studio in Vancouver.

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Record-breaking shares of CD Projekt took place in December last year. Then the highest result was PLN 464. Cyberpunk’s withdrawal from the Playstation Store and poor ratings for the game on older-generation consoles led to an almost continuous decline in shares. On 26 March, the company’s price was PLN 212, which is 49,5% less than at the beginning of December.

On 29 March the share price was around PLN 230, recording an increase of 13%. CD Projekt was then the most popular company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the total value of shares traded was PLN 484.3m. The sudden interest in the company was probably due to the new strategy that was presented the next day.

A new strategy

The first point of the new strategy is to make a studio metamorphosis by changing the philosophy and the way of creating AAA games. A more flexible production process is to be implemented, which will enable the synchronous development of products in terms of the two main brands, as well as a change in attitude to communication with players.

The next step is to expand the brands by going beyond the AAA RPGs. The potential of “The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk” will still be used by creating new products and media, as well as establishing collaborations. As a result, the popularity and strength of brands should increase significantly.

The third and final issue is online development, which entails a change in the long-term approach to networking elements in the group’s productions. It is also planned to use GOG GALAXY to support the development and communication of the gaming community.

Collaboration with Digital Scopes

Further activities of CD Projekt also include the signing of a letter of intent with Digital Scopes, with which the studio has been cooperating since 2018. The letter specifies the conditions for the acquisition of a development studio from Vancouver. The Digital Scapes team was a huge contributor to Cyberpunk 2077 by developing and diversifying the game. The new team, on the other hand, is to help improve the technology and expand the scope of competences.

The acquisition may herald the further expansion of CD Projekt abroad, as the bands that have existed so far are located in Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.

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