BLIK summarize record-breaking Q4 2021

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In the last three months of the previous year, users made 240 million transactions using the BLIK mobile payment system, worth PLN 32.6 billion. This translated into a total of 763 million transactions throughout 2021, worth PLN 103.3 billion. At the same time BLIK already boasts 10 million active users.

Leader of online payments in Poland

BLIK is by far the most popular online payment method in Poland. The service itself is now available in all mobile applications of Polish banks, as well as in the offer of all settlement agents. As BLIK itself describes, at the same time, their system is the leader of the e-commerce market in terms of the most popular online payment method, and in Q4 2021, it achieved record results in terms of both number and value of transactions.

In Q4 2021 alone, BLIK users made 240 million transactions worth a total of PLN 32.6 billion. Ultimately, this translated into 763 million transactions in 2021 worth PLN 103.3 billion. For comparison, the number of transactions in 2021 was as much as the sum of transactions from 6 previous years. The system itself in Poland is already used by over 10 million active users, among which BLIK includes people who made at least one transaction during the month.

In 2021, BLIK also launched a new contactless payment service. The solution is currently available at 6 banks in Poland, but in the fourth quarter of 2021, users have already performed 2.8 million transactions with it, out of 428,000. mobile applications.

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