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According to a recent study by Blue Media, 94% of Poles already shop online. This is an increase of 10 p.p. compared to the last couple of years. This result is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. In turn, when paying for purchases, we would most like to use the BLIK service.

Convenience & Speed

For the first time since the beginning of the Blue Media research, BLIK was ranked first among the most preferred online payment methods. In the first place, it replaced fast electronic payments operated by operators. However, both methods already account for more than half of the preferred solutions. 13% of Internet users still indicate their favorite form of payment to make transfers to their store’s account on their own.

metody płatności

The main factors influencing the choice of payment method are convenience (67%) and speed of payment (61%). Four in ten respondents (42%) also point to the security aspect and another 15% to the price of the service.

“BLIK is most often chosen and recommended by users for its speed of payment, ease of use and security. It is also a universal system, available to virtually all users of mobile banking applications in Poland. It gives users many possibilities. These are not only online payments, but also cash withdrawals from an ATM and payments in stationary stores”. – says Magdalena Kubisa, business development director at Polski Standard Payments, the operator of BLIK system.

However, we choose fast payments

However, a completely different result is shown by the survey on online payment methods. Exactly half the respondents indicated that when paying online they use fast electronic payments through an operator, followed by BLIK with 39%. In turn, the second method recorded the highest increase in indications, compared to the same survey a year earlier (from 33% to 39%).

metody płatności


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