Banks are leaders in cyber security


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During the pandemic, among electronic services, Poles most often used mobile banking, and 87% of them consider banks to be cyber security leaders, according to a study by the Warsaw Banking Institute.

Banks safer than the army and police

Taking into account the Covid-19 crisis, this year’s survey “Poles’ Attitudes to CyberSecurity” by the Warsaw Banking Institute (conducted in July 2020 on a sample of 1,103 people) confirmed that Poles consider banks as leaders in the field of cyber security. This is an increase of 2 p.p. compared to the previous year. The military and police (35%) and technology companies (28%) are next in the ranking.

87% of respondents stated that they feel safe using electronic banking. At the same time, as many as 79% of the respondents admitted that during the period of the restrictions, the only way to use the banking and deal with official business  was through online channels. Restrictions on mobility also led to greater interest in buying clothes online (32%) and using medical advice and consultation (26%).

Too much trust?

The WIP survey also shows that the majority of Poles fully transfer financial security to banking institutions, and only 28% share the responsibility for the security of financial transactions made on the Internet. Banks (78%) and payment organizations (31%) are considered to be most responsible for ensuring security in this area. Nearly 40% of the surveyed respondents do not regularly change their password for online banking and another 67% admitted that they use the same password in different places.

More and more clients of financial institutions are willing to raise fixed fees to improve the security of their bank accounts. 45% of the surveyed Poles are able to spend a few zlotys a month for this purpose, 13% no more than a dozen zlotys, and for 7% security is the most important thing, regardless of the cost.

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