Artificial intelligence will control the company in as little as 5 years


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Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has entered the consciousness of every industry, and according to leaders in the manufacturing sector, before the end of this decade we will reach a situation where factories can manage their production with artificial intelligence alone. – This is according to the Siemens -Next-Gen Industrial AI. Companies already using this technology are feeling its positive impact on business operations.

Artificial Intelligence lives off data

54% of managers surveyed by Siemens believe that the project to create fully automated smart factories can be realized within the next five years. According to Tomasz Zajac, Director of Development from BPSC, algorithms are already appearing in many areas today, but in most cases their operation is often only spotty. It is only a matter of time before they are extended to newer and larger areas. This is confirmed by the results of a survey in which 44% of management representatives believe that in the next five years artificial intelligence-based systems will control the operation of machines, robots and entire production lines.

Some elements of AI are already being used successfully in some business industries today. Such an example is predictive maintenance used in the automotive industry, e.g. in welding departments of BMW factory. According to Tomasz Zając “At this German manufacturer’s facility, artificial intelligence with the help of sensors monitors the condition of welding electrodes. AI algorithms fed by a wealth of historical data are able to effectively determine when to replace the electrodes, minimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing their length of use. Previously, an employee would manually check the condition of the electrodes, often leading to long and costly downtime due to the sudden need to replace them“.

However, in order to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, the right amount of data must be provided. There are many sources of information, the report says, but four will be most popular in the near future: information from machine and robot manufacturers (71%), internal company data (70%), information from suppliers (70%) and data from customers (68%).

The biggest benefits of AI

More than half (55%) of the companies participating in the Simens survey, and using artificial intelligence solutions in their organization, see the benefits of implementing AI. Every third enterprise managed to automate and improve quality control. A similar percentage (32%) improved the functioning of the machine park, thanks to which it was possible to automate and optimize production processes. On the other hand, in 30% of manufacturing companies, artificial intelligence has significantly reduced the number of machine failures and downtimes.

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