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The data from the National Health Fund show that in 2019 Polish patients did not appear or not resigned from a doctor’s appointment as many as 17 million times. These are huge losses for the health service. One of the solutions is to be artificial intelligence, which is able to reduce this problem seven times.

Digitalization of health care

Ghost patients are an increasing problem for healthcare professionals. According to the National Health Fund, in 2019 as many as 17 million Polish patients did not appear at the doctor’s appointment, nor did they resign from it. Such actions bring millions of losses to both public and private health care. In one third of the cases (31%), the main reason for not participating in consultations was forgetting about it. One fifth also thinks that she had cured herself of her ailments by the time of the doctor’s appointment.

The solution to ghost patients, could be artificial intelligence, specifically the Voicebot Wandlee solution. The system automatically makes calls to patients and then collects confirmations or cancellations of scheduled medical appointments. In the case of the latter, AI automatically removes the consultation and allows the next person to sign up for a free appointment.

Igor Sawczuk, CEO and co-owner of Wandlee, emphasizes that “Within two days as many as 10% of appointments were canceled and automatically rebooked, and thus the No-Show rate decreased 7 times (…) Voicebot made three attempts to call the patient. The first time it reached over 60% of them, and in the end it reached 93% of patients. Just one day of Voicebot’s operation saved the institution from losing almost 3 thousand PLN. On a monthly basis, that’s over 60 thousand PLN of reduced costs for just one medical facility”.

Only a quarter of people make medical appointments online

The Voicebot solution, also has other applications. If an appointment is cancelled, you can add an option to automatically reschedule it for another date. You can also add to the hotline the option of automatic sign-up for a selected appointment or cancelling an already existing one.

Voicebot mainly focuses on managing the hotline of a given medical facility. According to data from the National Health Fund, Poles definitely prefer the telephone form of contact (67%) when making an appointment with a doctor. Only 24% of patients do it via a website, and direct visits for medical consultations are a thing of the past. According to the National Health Fund, only 3% of patients prefer this method.

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