Artificial intelligence in document content analysis


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The law firm SSW Pragmatic Solutions, which specializes in legal and tax solutions, among others, has implemented an automated platform for document analysis. AQUILA is based on a solution using artificial intelligence, and the entire plan was developed in collaboration with IBM.

Content analysis of documents

Regardless of the reason why businesses are considering implementing artificial intelligence, there is a high probability that it will change the way the entire company operates. This step was taken by the law firm SSW Pragmatic Solutions, which, in partnership with IBM, implemented the AQUILA solution. It is a platform based on artificial intelligence for complex, fully automated analysis of document content. One of its applications is the ability to check or find a relevant legal clause, in accordance with current regulations and corporate standards. Currently AQUILA can analyze content in Polish, English and German.

The whole process of document analysis was created based on machine learning models and algorithms for natural language checking. However, these activities must be preceded by the preparation of an appropriate database containing sample clauses on which the AI is to base its analysis. Only after its exploration, AQUILA can recognize contents, even those written in a different way.

Cooperation with IBM

“Using artificial intelligence in daily business operations is the goal of many enterprises – whoever starts using it first will be the fastest to realize real business benefits. Solutions such as AQUILA make it possible to speed up service, reduce costs, and increase the accuracy and efficiency of people’s work” – Piotr Spaczyński, Managing Partner, SSW Pragmatic Solutions

AQUILA is the result of collaboration between SSW Pragmatic Solutions and IBM’s Technology Services Department. As we read in the communiqué, the initiative was created in response to the need for rapid analysis of large collections of documents, along with preliminary risk assessment of the content of records. Currently, the platform is used in industries related to real estate and finance. Analysis of a single document can take tens of seconds, and the scalable AI-based system can easily adapt to each client’s specific business needs, working in the background of an existing system or as a separate application.

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