Amendment of the Cyber Security Act


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The Ministry of Digitization has prepared a draft amendment to the act on the national cyber security system, which is to implement the recommendations and standards published by the European Commission in the so-called 5G Toolbox. These changes may have a significant impact on the implementation of the 5G network in Poland.

Exclusion of telecommunications suppliers

At the beginning of September, the Ministry of Digitization sent for public consultation a draft amendment of the National Cyber Security System, which is to provide Polish authorities with tools to respond to attempts to purchase key elements of telecommunications infrastructure. What does this mean in practice? The Cyber Security College operating in the government will be given the opportunity to assess the risk related to equipment or software used by telecommunication operators. If the assessment of a particular vendor is negative, the College will have the opportunity to exclude the vendor from implementing the technology, including 5G.

The threat assessment will be given to all telecommunication companies in Poland. Each supplier will receive a risk assessment required by law: high, moderate, low and no risk. In case a particular supplier is rated “high risk”, all entities using this supplier’s solutions will have 5 years to withdraw their hardware or software.

CSIR for telecommunications companies

The Sectoral Cyber Security Team for Banking and Financial Markets Infrastructure is the only CSIR in Poland so far. The amendment of the act is to enable the creation of more such entities, in all sectors of the economy. In addition, the act provides for the introduction of operational SOC security centers into the national cyber security system.

Currently, the bill is in public consultation, which is to be completed on October 6. The person responsible for drafting the bill is Marek Zagórski Minister of Digitization, and the planned date of its adoption by the Council of Ministers is the 4th quarter of 2020.

More information on the cybersecurity market in Poland can be found in the PMR report: “Cybersecurity market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025”.

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