Almost every company in Poland uses a mobile phone

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The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) checked which telecommunications solutions are used by enterprises in Poland and, as it turns out, in 2021 almost every company (99.5%) used a mobile phone. The average cost of such a service is about PLN 173, but it differs depending on the size of a given company. Free instant messaging, which is increasingly replacing traditional voice calls, is also becoming a popular solution.

Bills for mobile phone

The average cost of a bill for mobile telephony services in enterprises in Poland is PLN 173.4. However, this calculation differs depending on the size of the enterprise. Small organizations (employing up to 9 employees) pay the least, around 159.1 PLN. In the case of companies employing between 10 and 49 people, the cost of such a service increases to PLN 384. In companies employing from 50 to 249 people, it costs PLN 1,431.9, and in organizations with more than 250 employees, it is even PLN 2,052.6 per month.

Internet messenger and voice calls

However, in addition to basic mobile telephony services, internet messenger solutions are also becoming common. In 2021, already 67.5% of companies in Poland used this option. According to 58.1% of the organizations surveyed, internet messenger is the biggest competition to mobile voice calls. For 28% of businesses, they also compete with SMS.

In the case of specific messengers, two solutions stand out – Messenger with 82% of responses and WhatsApp with 55.5%. On the other hand, among the advantages of this type of solutions, companies in Poland mention primarily cost factors. Nearly 60% point to the free application as the main advantage of internet messenger, another 42.8% the possibility of free voice communication, including international.

However, despite internet messenger services, every third company in Poland practically always uses traditional voice calls. Another 24% declare that they use traditional voice calls more often than internet messenger. In the opposition, only 1.7% of the surveyed organizations declare more frequent use of instant messaging while using voice connections.

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