Adgar Poland develops data center services

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Adgar Poland, a company actively operating on the real estate market, has announced a plan of extending its current IT infrastructure. One of the key points of the investment will be the development of data center services, whose infrastructure is to be created in all office buildings belonging to Adgar, and services connected with them are to be provided not only to companies who lease office space in its buildings.

Marcin Niedzielski as CIO

Due to the new strategy of the company, Marcin Niedzielski, who has been associated with Adgar Poland for 11 years, was appointed to the position of CIO (Chief Information Officer). Previously, he also worked in such companies as: Diebold-Nixdorf, Inforsys S.A. or DPD Poland. The main goal of the new CIO is the development of data center services. The announcement also states that the infrastructure that will be expanded to provide services will be built in all Adgar Poland office buildings. Currently, the company has four office complexes with an area of 120,000 sq m.

“Modern IT systems, network capacity and reliability, fast and secure data management are today the key aspects of an attractive office space rental offer. We want our tenants to be aware that at Adgar Poland we understand the role of information and data processing in all business processes. Hence the decision to extend our offer with a comprehensive Data Center infrastructure that guarantees reduction of IT network management costs on the part of tenants, scalability of hardware needs and a high level of information security, ”says Monika Szelenberger, Head of Leasing and Asset Management, Adgar Poland.

Importantly, from the point of view of the data center market, Adgar Poland announced that its services will be available not only to companies renting space in facilities owned by the company.

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