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The Polish company Road Studio begins cooperation with Adam Malysz. The athlete’s task will be to provide substantive support in the development of off-road games.

Collaboration between Adam Malysz and Road Studio

The Polish company Road Studio specializes in the production of simulation games, such as Truck Simulator or Motorcycle Simulator. Shortly after the initial public offering was completed, the studio began working with a famous athlete, Adam Malysz, and thus assured its shareholders about the rapid progress of the business.

Both parties signed a letter of intent, while negotiations on the terms of cooperation are still ongoing. Adam Malysz contributed to the Polish sport not only in the field of ski jumping, but also competed as a rally driver. It is thanks to the interest in the automotive industry and competitions in rallies that the athlete will advise the company on creating computer games on the off-road theme. Additionally, the company plans to debut on the stock exchange.

The popularity of sports games among athletes

The potential of computer games is becoming more and more popular among sportsmen, as Robert Lewandowski himself is a shareholder of Movie Games. The footballer expressed his willingness to help create football games, and moreover founded in cooperation with PlayWay his own gaming company – RL9 Sport Games. The debut game will be a simulator of a football coach. Like Malysz, Lewandowski, both in Movie Games and RL9 Sport Games, will serve his substantive knowledge and experience, which will certainly improve game production.

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