Accenture, Asseco, Asseco, Asseco Data Systems, DXC Technology and Sygnity as partners of the National Cloud


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The Domestic Cloud Operator (OCK) has started to provide services for the first customer, which is PKO Bank Polski. At this stage, the bank is using the Domestic Cloud services in the scope of outsourcing of the test environment based on the IaaS model. The use of cloud services by the bank will allow it to accelerate the implementation of innovation testing and implementation processes and reduce their costs.

“At the end of April, three independent server rooms built in the reference cloud architecture, which PKO Bank Polski already uses to accelerate software development and testing processes, will officially open in Mazovia at the end of April. It is a starting point for the development of cloud services for the financial sector in Poland. The first cloud region is already ready to welcome new clients. – comments Adam Marciniak, Vice President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski, on the start of the project

“We have completed the next stage of the construction of the National Cloud and started to provide first services for PKO Bank Polski. We are ready to provide services also for other clients with whom we are already conducting advanced talks. The cooperation is the first test confirming our operational efficiency, which was achieved within three months from the formal establishment of the company. – adds Michał Potoczek, President of the Management Board of the National Cloud Operator

Implementation of the test environment outsourcing service for PKO Bank Polski is possible thanks to the launch of the first OChK availability zone. The OChK standard is the provision of services using at least two data processing centres. The operator has established cooperation with Exatel and the National Clearing House concerning the service of secure data centres in Mazovia. For both companies, this means an increase in the degree of utilization of their resources. For OChK, this means a reduction of CAPEX at an early stage of the company’s existence. Thanks to this, the prices of cloud services offered to customers may be more attractive.

The National Cloud Operator is conducting advanced talks on cooperation with more than 10 entities among the largest Polish enterprises. The purpose of these talks is to establish framework conditions for cooperation that would allow OCC customers to use various services available in the cloud model: from providing test environments (as is already the case with PKO Bank Polski) to B2B2C services in which OCC customers will provide services of the Domestic Cloud Operator to their retail customers.

Concurrently, the Asseco Group announced that Asseco Poland and Asseco Data Systems (ADS) are starting cooperation with the National Cloud Operator. Under the framework agreements signed, they will provide integration services and proprietary software. The Asseco Group companies were included in the group of five technological partners of the Domestic Cloud which officially announced the commencement of its operations. They joined the project earlier: Accenture, DXC Technology and Sygnity.

Asseco Data Systems, Accenture and DXC Technology will help OChK’s clients to develop strategies to utilize cloud services and accelerate the digital transformation as well as to migrate to cloud services. Asseco Poland and Sygnity, on the other hand, as players of the Software House type, will help develop detailed IT solutions necessary to move resources to the cloud. Cooperation with the last two companies will also cover a wider range of services, including offering their software on the Domestic Cloud platform.

“The National Cloud is one of the most important IT initiatives in Poland in the near future. It is intended to facilitate access of Polish entrepreneurs to solutions that reduce the costs of IT infrastructure maintenance while maximizing the level of security,” says Tomasz Buczak, Head of Asseco Innovation Hub at Asseco Poland.

Using its competence in cloud services, ADS will also implement and share its solutions based on the National Cloud infrastructure. ADS also has its own cloud in the IaaS, CaaS and PaaS models, which enables it to implement joint hybrid implementations with the National Cloud. It also complements its services with solutions enabling business continuity in the event of DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) failure.

“The Polish Cloud is a very important and necessary project on the Polish IT market and a great opportunity to popularize cloud technologies both in the business and public sectors. Thanks to ADS’ experience in the area of such solutions, we will jointly with the National Cloud implement comprehensive integration projects related to the migration of customers to the new cloud. Moreover, we want to use our competences to support our clients in designing and optimizing IT systems architecture, as well as in implementing hybrid solutions. – comments Marcin Lebiecki, Director of the Cloud Services Division at Asseco Data Systems.

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